Exhibition &
Erlenweg 5

Whilst our first building, was designed as an extended living room and built around the collection at the time, our second spacefeatures a stronger focus on architecture which, however, works very much in favour of the art. The interplay between the collection, space and design is once again captivating.

It was Nicola Erni’s vision to create a space into which art can be embedded whilst simultaneously offering a framework for site-specific commission works which are being conceived in close collaboration with the respective artists. The result is an art walk which invites visitors to go on a journey of discovery through the generous open plan interior architecture. Two complementary circulation types - an enfilade and a vast, central atrium - enable the flow of movement in the space continuum. Open meeting zones invite visitors to linger and enjoy the art, surprising visual axes with constant reference to the atrium, and exciting colour combinations.

Go with the flow – one of Nicola Erni’s mottos – is visualized most beautifully. Guided tours are planned to be offered as of autumn 2021.