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Erlenweg 2

Reconstruction and exhibition set-up from March 2022 onwards.

We look forward to welcoming you to the new exhibition at Erlenweg 2 from September 2022.

Book a guided tour of the exhibition at Erlenweg 5

Visitor Information

Travel Directions
Map + Directions by car/train/bus

Visitor parking spaces - labelled “Besucher Nicola Erni Collection” - are located alongside the buildings in Erlenweg 2/5. Additional (metered) parking spaces can be found along Chollerstrasse.

Accessibility & Assistance
The facilities are wheelchair accessible.
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No photography. No mobile phones. No filming inside the building.
Food and beverages are not permitted.
Children 12 and above are welcome in the accompaniment of an adult.
Animals are not allowed.

Thank you for your understanding.